OneHash: Mutual Bitcoin Betting Platform For Sports And Games?

What Is OneHash?

OneHash, found online at, is now an mutual bitcoin gaming system. In the time of writing, the system is home to around 80,000 active users. More than 45,000 bets are placed across more than a couple of different sports.

OneHash casino targets two broad kinds of gambling, including market betting and sports betting. All chances are made by the consumers themselves Because OneHash is a mutual platform: there's no oddsmaker authority.

Traditional sports such as soccer, basketball, soccer, hockey, and soccer are all available for betting on the platform. ESports betting is also offered by oneHash. Concerning market gambling, users can gamble on cryptocurrency costs, asset prices (like the cost of petroleum ), and international currency costs (such as the GBP/USD exchange rate).

OneHash also provides several different games, including slot machine sport, penalty kick sport play, and a dice game.

Let us take a look.

The Way OneHash Bitcoin Betting Platform For Sports & Games Works

All stakes on OneHash occur in the form of stakes that are mutual. OneHash describes mutual gambling as"among the most adrenaline-pumping tactics to bet for your favourite teams and prove yourself right."

Here when setting up a bet:

  • A bettor selects a side to put his wager, and other bettors put their bets
  • Every wager placed influences the winning multiplier before the pool closes
  • After the game result, winners divide the pool proportionally to their participation

Among the biggest benefits of gambling is that the chances aren't controlled by corporations that are gambling, bookmakers, or algorithms. Instead, betting odds are controlled by the crowd. Betting happens between individuals, and odds are not controlled or dictated entity that is centralized or by means of a pc.

To put it differently, mutual betting is decentralized betting where the audience controls the odds.

Another benefit of OneHash (and many other blockchain-based gaming platforms) is that the bets and games are provably fair. It's possible to verify payments . It's possible to assess the randomness of those games on the blockchain. OneHash, such as other blockchain gambling platforms, now is 100 percent provably reasonable.

A 1 percent fee is charged by oneHash.

OneHash has yet another advantage that is special: you do not need to join in order to bet. Instead, you can create bets on games that are individual without ever signing up for the stage.

Members that do opt to register, though, will enjoy extra advantages, including OneHash wallet performance which permits stakes in just two clicks, personal betting background, customized wager choice, and updates on new capabilities.

Available OneHash Bets

OneHash includes a diverse variety of markets and stakes readily available, such as bets from sports leagues around the globe. Whether you are betting on Canadian football hockey, or football that is Bolivian, you'll come across quite a few options available with OneHash.

  • Games: Goals, Dice, Moon, and slots.
  • ESports: CS:GO, Dota two, League of Legends, along with Overwatch
  • Sports: Football/Soccer, Basketball, Tennis, Hockey, American Football, Baseball, Rugby, Handball, Combat Sports, along with Cricket.
  • Special Events: Special events in sports and entertainment, such as FIFA Football Awards, Emmy awards, and also the summer transfer window in football
  • Exchange: Cryptocurrencies, Forex, Commodities, and Gamble

Each class comes with heaps of subcategories. Unlike betting platforms, OneHash does not only focus only on the largest leagues. The football/soccer category, as an example, features Bundesliga, Premier League, and La Liga . It also features events in Thai League, Persian Gulf Pro League, K-League 1, Egypt Premier League, the Philippines Football League, Qatar Stars League, and plenty of other lesser-known leagues.

OneHash also offers a range of alternatives on which to bet. It is possible to do more than just bet for example, on the result of a game. It is possible to bet from the goal differential, each group, the overall goals in the match, and more on things like the goals.

OneHash Games

OneHash offers four games, including Dice, Goals, Moon, and Slots. Here's a brief overview of each:


Dice is among the most common games on betting platforms. The OneHash dice game, as with games, would be reasonable. The amounts employed for rolls' outcomes have been created randomly. It's possible to play the OneHash dice game with no danger: just set your wager amount to 0, roll the dice, and then see how it works. As you feel more comfortable the stakes can raise.


Goals is a soccer penalty kick-style game. Obtain the prize and then the objective is to fool the keeper. You shoot on 3 levels and can improve your cash. Without even letting the keeper make a save, you shoot as many balls as you can in a row. The higher the level, the tougher it is to acquire.


Together with Moon, you need to depart before the enemy explodes. It is possible to win up to x1000. The purpose is to fly as high as you can without being ruined.


Slots is a conventional slot machine-style game. You may multiply your bitcoins by x1000, x100, x50, or x15. Simply twist and get an opportunity to win.

All games are 100% and 100% random provably reasonable. It's possible to check the randomness of each game over the game by pressing the"verify" button.

Who's Behind OneHash?

OneHash casino has been controlled by Blockchain Entertainment B.V., which has a registered office in Curacao. The organization does business under the name OneHash.

OneHash Conclusion

OneHash is among the more popular gaming platforms available today. The site offers hundreds of items offered for mutual such as entertainment events, markets , sports games, and much more. You might play 100 percent provably reasonable games.

And, there is no centralized authority producing the chances, nor is there a bookmaker controlling bets are created since OneHash is a mutual betting platform. All chances are dictated by public view.

To find out more about OneHash and its own reciprocal gaming platform, visit online today at


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