Materials for the Arts Celebrating 40 Years: Sound Bath Meditation + Workshop
04/19/2018, Materials For The Arts

Join us on Thursday, April 19 for an instrument-making workshop and sound bath mediation.

Musician, composer and instrument maker Skip LaPlante leads our found objects instrument workshop. For over 30 years LaPlante has handmade hundreds of instruments and recreated thousands more using scavenged objects. In his most recent work A Symphony of Chimes LaPlante created over 130 wind chimes from lobster pots, bicycle pedals, license plates, cosmetic items and other found objects.

For the second half of the evening we will be guided through a sound bath meditation with licensed creative arts and sounds therapist Katie Down. Offering Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction techniques and creative visualization Katie Down provides a nurturing, grounded and open environment incorporating a variety of resonant drone instruments such as Himalayan metal singing bowls, crystal singing bowls, gongs, drums, rattles, monochords, handpans and the human voice.

Celebrating 40 years of providing free materials to NYC arts organizations, Materials for the Arts, a leader in the creative reuse movement is proud to present a series of public workshops and community events highlighting its member organizations.


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